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Lan Hoang Vu, a.k.a. VAL

Lan Hoang Vu, a.k.a. VAL (Little Saigon, USA)

Illustrator and Cartoonist VAL, whose birth name is Lan Hoang Vu, was born
and grew up in the South of Viet Nam. VAL began creating Political Cartoons
since 1987 by drawing Syndicated Cartoons for various Newspapers and
Magazines nationwide. He left Saigon and arrived in the United States in
1991 at which time he stopped drawing Cartoons and began a career as a
Graphic Designer. Ten years later, however, because of the tremendous impact
the September 11th Terrorist Attacks in America had on his psyche, VAL
immediately picked up his pens and started to draw Political Cartoons in
order to help himself, others and the free world heal from the depression
and sadness caused by that incredulous tragedy.

A graduate from The National University of Fine Art in Saigon, and from
California State University in Long Beach, VAL is currently working as a
full-time Art Director at a design firm in the Los Angeles area and stays
abreast of International News by drawing Syndicated Cartoons for a
Vietnamese-language newspaper in Orange County, Southern California. "Viet
Bao," the name of the newspaper, means "Vietnamese Newspaper." VAL's works
are a blend between Illustration and Comic Art that focuses mostly on
various political events, ranging from international matters to local
Vietnamese community issues. A daily favorite of people across the planet,
VAL's Cartoons can be viewed on the web at

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