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Sadly, Mahmoud Kahil passed away on February 11th, 2003. We were thankful for his contribution to
this site and his concurrence that terrorism is never warranted. While his political outlook often differed
from the managers of the CAT site, he expressed it with style and an irreverence for the insanity which often
defines politics and nationalism! If we could all take ourselves a little less seriously and allow room
for more than one point-of-view, perhaps we could solve many of the problems that keep us at odds!
Mr. Kahil will be missed!

Colossus in the World of Caricature
By Javid Hassan & K.S. Ramkumar, Arab News Staff

RIYADH/JEDDAH, 13 February 2003 — A creative thinker, political analyst and humorist, Mahmoud Kahil
bestrode the world of caricature like a colossus, deflating the egos of political bigwigs with his satire and his profound
political insight while showing a deep concern for the poor, oppressed and dispossessed, regardless of their
politics or religious belief. ... read the rest at

Arab News Cartoonist Kahil dies in London
By Khalid Al Maeena, Editor in Chief

JEDDAH, 12 February 2003 — Arab News cartoonist Mahmoud Kahil died yesterday after undergoing surgery at a British hospital.
An internationally known political cartoonist, Kahil was the technician in charge of the publications of the Saudi Research & Publishing
Company, which publishes Arab News and 16 other publications.

Prince Faisal ibn Salman, chairman of the Saudi Research & Marketing Group, expressed his deep sorrow on hearing
news of the death of Kahil, who had been working for the company since 1979.

In a full-page obituary in Asharq Al-Awsat, a sister publication of Arab News, Prince Faisal conveyed the condolences of the
company’s board members and staff of all its publications to his daughter Dana and son Nazmi.
... read the rest at

Mahmoud Kahil

His Cartoons ... His Legacy!

Mahmoud Kahil was an editorial cartoonist with the Arabnews daily newspaper, UK

Thanks Mr. Kahil for your keen insights and penetrating editorial cartoons!

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