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Cartoons - 2021

Category Cartoon Date Illustrator
Dylan Gets Inspired 12-31-2021 Tom Kerr
Christmas Hoodie Ornament
12-24-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Musicals/Theater Why Clowns? 12-23-2021 Tom Kerr
Old Jokes/Cowboys Lone Face
12-15-2021 Tom Kerr
Nursery Rhymes When Celebs Retire
12-15-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Knight Moves 12-14-2021
Tom Kerr
Vampires Count Drekula 11-08-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Social Media/facebook
Meta-Morphosis 11-04-2021
Tom Kerr
Prime Tablets 10-21-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Beatles/Music Abbey Rd Revisited 10-18-2021 Tom Kerr
Space/Celebrities Boldly Going 10-12-2021 Tom Kerr
Frogs/Space Halley's Kermit 10-12-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Creepy Pilot
Tom Kerr
Vegan/Veganism Support Artichoke
09-19-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Star Trek/Nemo Where No Fish Has Gone Before 09-06-2021
Tom Kerr
Law/Art Framed Art 08-28-2021 Will A
Mantis Dinner
08-28-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Toto Has To Go 2nd release
R Larson
Bear Watch 08-19-2021
Serhii Rudenko
Music/Culture Digging Woodstock 07-26-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Temporary Vase 07-10-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Music/Celebrities Wholesome Prison Blues 07-02-2021
Tom Kerr
Maternity/Veggies/Film Children Of The Corn 06-27-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Rock Music Who's There? 06-20-2021 Tom Kerr
Mensa Bears 06-18-2021 Tom Kerr
Happy Couple
Serhii Rudenko
Hammerhead 05-22-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Star Wars,Genealogy What Could Go Wrong?  05-13-2021 Tom Kerr
Space/Wildlife Musk Love  05-13-2021 Tom Kerr
Dogs/Veggies Vegan Dog Park 05-11-2021 Will A.
Climate/Wordplay Isn't It Ironick? 05-11-2021
Serhii Rudenko
Miscellaneous To Bidet A Yard 04-25-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Insects/Ants Ant Picnic  04-25-2021 Will A.
dogs/puns Range Rover 04-23-2021 Will A.
Movies/Football Jabba The Quarterback 04-22-2021 Tom Kerr
Music/Musicians Deep Purple Rain 04-12-2021 Tom Kerr
Transportation/Food GUBER
Serhii Rudenko
Music/Wildlife Buffalo Springfield
03-31-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Under The Ocean Shark Fine Dining 03-13-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Dancing/Puns Shameless Plug 02-22-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Jackfruit The Ripper
02-06-2021 Serhii Rudenko
Wildlife Bear Goes & Leaves  01-17-2021 Serhii Rudenko

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