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Cartoons - 2017

Category Cartoon Date Illustrator
Hedgehog Bets 12-21-17
Sergie Rudenko
12-11-17 Sergie Rudenko
Politics/News Franken Resigns 12-08-17 Tom Kerr
Current Events News/Famous People Leiad-Off Star Wars
12-01-17 Tom Kerr
Trump/Current Events Lawyer Tie Cobb 11-26-17
Tom Kerr
Transportation Swiss Army Uber 11-16-17 Sergie Rudenko
Politics/Religion Alabama Nativity Scene 11-13-17 Tom Kerr
Police/Halloween Good Cop, Bad Cop 11-06-17
Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Trump/Famous People No Respect
10-09-17 Tom Kerr
Trees/Nature Branch Bank Heist
10-26-17 German Garcia
Dogs/Internet Good Dog 10-25-17
Sergey Rudenko
Art/Artists Venison Van Doe
Richard Larson
Social Media/Current Events Spiders On The Web 10-17-17 Sergey Rudenko
Current Events Facebook Ads
10-16-17 German Garcia
Politics/Current Events
Heckuva Job, Brawny 10-09-17 Tom Kerr
Gun Violence Gun Violence Talk 10-05-17
Sergey Rudenko
Toy Shark Poodle 09-25-17
Sergey Rudenko
Music/Insects Save The Bees & Keep Your Composer 09-18-17 Sergey Rudenko
Birds/Religion Cardinal Zen
09-09-17 German Garcia
Famous People/Movies The Graduate 09-07-17 Tom Kerr
Trump/Current Events Trump: The Afterlife 09-06-17 Tom Kerr
Birth/Maternity Winning Sperm 09-06-17
Sergey Rudenko
Music/Birds The Who 08-22-17 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Current Events Cabinet Meeting 08-16-17 Tom Kerr
Animals/Wildlife Intersections 08-14-17 German Garcia
Snowman Spa 08-10-17
Sergey Rudenko
Music/Politics Sgt Donnie's Lonely Heart Club Band 08-01-17
Tom Kerr
Dogs/Tech Kapersky Labs 07-29-17 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Current Events Ban Travel Ban 07-22-17 Sergey Rudenko
Karma's Prison 07-15-17 Tom Kerr
Dogs/Music Bass Hound 07-15-17 Sergey Rudenko
Music/Composers Beethoven's 1/2 Pint 
07-13-17 German Garcia
Vegan/Veganism Vegan Mafia 07-07-17 Sergey Rudenko
Social Media/Twitter Trump Speaks 07-02-17
Tom Kerr
Medicine/Illness Shingles
06-29-17 Tom Kerr
Art/Artists Dali Paternity Suit 06-28-17 German Garcia
Industrial Cranes 06-23-17 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Movies Crookwork Orange 06-14-17 Tom Kerr
Don't Mess Around With Jim 06-11-17 German Garcia
Wildlife 06-06-17
Sergey Rudenko
Politics/News/Current Events Nut job Comey; Meet Nut Trump 05-21-17 Tom Kerr
Mickey Chicken 05-15-17
Sergey Rudenko
Presidents/Politics But Why, Donald? 05-10-17
Tom Kerr
Vegan/Maternity Baby Carrots 05-10-17 Sergey Rudenko
War/Politics Jackson Stops Civil War From Grave 05-04-17 Tom Kerr
Medicine/Doctors BAD 05-02-17
Sergey Rudenko
 Movies/Wildlife Platypus On A Plane 04-28-17 German Garcia
Trumpty Dumpty 04-28-17 Tom Kerr
Bungee Jumping 04-24-17 Sergey Rudenko
Prehistoric/Computers Prehistoric Photoshop 04-16-17
Sergey Rudenko
Exercise/Air Travel Pilates Airlines 04-03-17
German Garcia
Food Cupcakes 03-30-17 Sergey Rudenko
Birds/Movies 3 Days At The Condor 03-29-17 Tom Kerr
Birds Of A Feather 03-20-17 German Garcia
Totem Pole 03-16-17
Sergey Rudenko
Computers/Technology Ten Tablets 03-06-17 Sergey Rudenko
Birds/Police Murder Murder
03-04-17 German Garcia
Politics/Current Events We are DeVos 02-23-17 Tom Kerr
The 60s/Insects Antacid
02-23-17 German Garcia
Military/Politics Out Like Flynn 02-16-17 Tom Kerr
Politics Trump Terrific 02-09-17 Sergey Rudenko
Vegan/Veganism Living Veggie Wage 02-06-17 Sergey Rudenko
Space/The Moon Yuge Step For Mankind 02-01-17
Tom Kerr
Media/Politics Screaming Press 01-28-17 Tom Kerr
Veganism/Movies Black Legume 01-25-17 German Garcia
Jewelry Watch Stalking 01-25-17 Sergey Rudenko
Wendy's Cows 01-21-17 German Garcia
Puns/Chickens Wishbone Dressing 01-21-17 Sergey Rudenko
Cows Scarecow 01-12-17 Sergey Rudenko
Sixties Television Credit Card Chip 01-11-17
Tom Kerr
Insects Tragically Happy Family 01-07-17 Sergey Rudenko
Toys/Sharks Lego My Shark 01-05-17
German Garcia

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