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Cartoons - 2016

Category Cartoon Date Illustrator
Animals/Wildlife Wildlife Of Walmart 12-29-16 German Garcia
Movies/Therapy Groot Therapy 12-19-16 Tom Kerr
Veganism Legal Vegan
12-19-16 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Election2016 Putin On The Ritz 12-13-16 Tom Kerr
Flying/Medicine Airport Terminal 12-11-16 Sergey Rudenko
Birds/Music Conway Tweetie Bird 12-10-16 Tom Kerr
Space/Astronauts John Glenn's Final Flight Home 12-10-16
Tom Kerr
Theater Shakespeare In The Parking Lot 11-29-16 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/Movies Trump Risky Businessman Movie Poster 11-27-16 Tom Kerr
Politics/Movies Trump Risky Businessman  Dance Scene 11-27-16
Tom Kerr
Miscellaneous Shady Characters 11-19-16 Sergey Rudenko
News/Politics Trump's Temp Job 11-15-16
Tom Kerr
Pop Culture/Trends Home For Aging Slinkies 11-08-16
Sergey Rudenko
Toys/Films Lego Earth Invasion 10-28-16 Sergey Rudenko
The Wokking Dead
10-28-16 Johann Wessels
Music/Halloween Smashing Pumpkins 10-24-16 German Garcia
Politics/News Bright Bart News 
10-22-16 Tom Kerr
Meet The Arthur 10-16-16 Tom Kerr
News/Politics Locker Room Talk 10-14-16 Sergey Rudenko
Halloween/Films Pumpkins Of The Caribbean 10-12-16 Tom Kerr
Politics/News Trumptanic 10-12-16 Tom Kerr
Miscelaneous Outside The Box 10-11-16 Sergey Rudenko
Politics/News Trump Tic Tac 10-09-16 Tom Kerr
Jamaican Dogwood 10-07-16
Sergey Rudenko
TV/Entertainment Dancing With The Slugs 10-01-16
German Garcia
Prehistoric Invention Of Car 09-29-16 Sergey Rudenko
Senior Star Wars 09-29-16 Tom Kerr
Transportation Uber For Dummies 09-26-16 Sergey Rudenko
Invitation Tombstone
09-19-16 Sergey Rudenko
News/Politics Trump Ego Echo 09-15-16 Tom Kerr
Food and Drink Buffalo Wings 09-13-16
Sergey Rudenko
Work/Career Temp Agency 09-06-16
Sergey Rudenko
Politics/News Trump Air
08-23-16 Tom Kerr
Club Foot 08-21-16 Sergey Rudenko
Chicken Cul de Sac Joke 08-19-16 German Garcia
Food and Drink Lone Hungry Ranger 08-14-16 German Garcia
Bible/Animals Noah's Spiders 08-12-16 Sergey Rudenko
Rung Beetles
08-07-16 Sergey Rudenko
Childrens Fairy Tales Rip Van Trumple 08-05-16
Tom Kerr
Dating/Relationships Godzilla Dating Etiquette 07-25-16 Sergey Rudenko
Wildlife/Marijuana CrockPot 07-22-16 German Garcia
Music/Politics Confused Candidate Trump 07-19-16 Tom Kerr
Tech/Phones/Games Pokemon Go Hoffa 07-16-16 German Garcia
Hunting, A Sport 07-16-16 Sergey Rudenko
Miscellaneous Appliance Small Talk 07-08-16 Sergey Rudenko
Food/Drink Bananas Foster Grants 07-02-16 Sergey Rudenko
Butterdillos 07-01-16
German Garcia
06-28-16 Tom Kerr
Politics/Current Events Road Kilt
06-24-16 Tom Kerr
Dating/Relationships 06-20-16 Sergey Rudenko
Current Events/War Radical Enemies 06-16-16 Tom Kerr
LGBT/Current Events Je Suis Orlando 06-15-16 Tom Kerr
Music Ode To Billy Joe 06-04-16 Tom Kerr
News/Politics Trump University 06-02-16
Tom Kerr
Famous People, Places And Things Fallon In Love 05-31-16 Tom Kerr
Medical/Psychiatry Tropical Depression 05-30-16 Sergey Rudenko
Internet/Computers Wiki Sandbox 05-23-16 Sergey Rudenko
Superheroes Spiderman Family Plumber 05-15-16 Sergey Rudenko
Business Scams Life Coach Cemetery 05-05-16
Sergey Rudenko
News/Politics Hillary Of Oz 04-28-16 Tom Kerr
CEO Of Ikea 04-28-16 Tom Kerr
Cat To Office Day 04-28-16 German Garcia
Government & Politics Margaret Thatched Roof 04-13-16
Tom Kerr
Books/Authors Meet The Author
03-31-16 Sergey Rudenko
St Patrick's Resistance 03-22-16 Sergey Rudenko
Television/lizards Little House On Prarie Lizard 03-20-16 Tom Kerr
Ides Of Spinach
03-20-16 German Garcia
Native Americans Native Investments 03-18-16 Tom Kerr
Fantasy/Halloween Cyclops Lust 03-17-16 Tom Kerr
Politics Migrate America Again 03-17-16 Tom Kerr
Legal/Lawyers Waldo In Court 03-17-16 Tom Kerr
 Mathematics/Algebra Mom & Apple Pi 03-06-16 Sergey Rudenko
Whales/Cetaceans AuOrca Borealis 03-06-16 German Garcia 
Watchtower 03-01-16 Tom Kerr
Politics/Current Events Trumpnochio 03-01-16
Tom Kerr
50 Shades Of Grey Poupon 02-24-16
Tom Kerr
Music/Animals Rocky Raccoon 02-22-16 Tom Kerr
Music/Wildlife Don't #Polka Bear 02-22-16 Sergey Rudenko
Transportation To Hell 02-19-16 Sergey Rudenko
Childrens Nursery Rhymes Lamb Was Sure To Go 02-09-16 Sergey Rudenko
Famous People Rabbit Magician 02-06-16 Tom Kerr
Famous People, Places & Things Molecules Gone Wild 02-01-16
Tom Kerr
Science Climate Deniers Convention 01-27-16 Sergey Rudenko
George Washington Father Of Our Country 01-27-16 Tom Kerr
Celebrities Peeping Toms 01-27-16 Tom Kerr
Computers/Internet What's App 01-16-16 Sergey Rudenko
Tree Cop
01-09-16 Sergey Rudenko
Current Events
Batstein And Rob-un 01-07-16 Tom Kerr
Die Bard
01-07-16 Tom Kerr
Texting On The Titanic 01-07-16
German Garcia

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