New PC Pledge of Allegiance
by Matt

I am in complete support of the piece of cloth that so deeply symbolizes
the heritage of the American Nation we are trying to ruin which we call
the United States of America, provided my complete support does not
offend anyone that disagrees with any one of my statements.

And to the republic for which it stands, and it is ... again ... only a symbol
that can be burned, pissed on, or torn apart by dogs because the gift of
free speech we have been given allows us to hate even our own culture
to the point of hating the gift of free speech and bitching about it in
our own petty little way.

One nation, though we cannot forget that we are not truly "one nation"
with its own identity. We are a nation of people that must conform to
other's identity so as not to offend. Because offending brings about

Under either a God, several gods, no God or gods, maybe a few goddesses,'s all about being nice to everyone, even in the face of losing who we
are. So why even put the most important phrase identifying ourselves in here.

Indivisible? In a nation with Jerry Springer and Judge Judy?

With liberty and justice for all those that disagree with liberty and justice.
The rest of us will just have to sit by idly and watch the core of America

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