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Monte Wolverton





The son of cartoonist Basil Wolverton, I was born in the Pacific Northwest, went to college in L.A.-- worked as a graphic designer, while freelancing as a cartoonist for various publications--Creative Computing, CB Radio S9 magazine, and Peterson Publishing's CarToons. In the late '70's I relocated back to the Pacific Northwest to freelance fulltime -- in illustration, magazine art direction, advertising design, corporate image and creative consulting. In 1985 I returned to California to accept an art directorship for The Plain Truth magazine, where I now serve as managing editor.  I've contributed to MAD magazine regularly in the last few years. When I'm not editiing or cartooning or writing, I like to hike the Santa Monica Mountains with our rat terrier, Kirby. I'm a husband of 31 years, father of 30 years, father-in-law of six years, grandparent of three years, and a proud member of the National Cartoonists Society.

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