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Writer Rick London's (and Thor's) Crazy Staff (below)
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A crazy couple o' Cartoonists (in Alphabetical Order) ...


Rich Diesslin

Rich Diesslin

Cartoonist, USA

There isn't too much to say really.  I'm just a cartoonist mixing subjects of interest
(religion, scouting, business, editorial, general) with humor and creating cartoons.
At the London's Times I draw up Rick's zany gags and keep the web site up-to-date.
Rich's most recent publications is The Cartoon Gospel of John: A Serious Commentary with Visual Parables.
Other publications include:

Published works include: The Cartoon Gospel Series, the KNOTS or Not Scouting Cartoon Collection,
The Cartoon Ten Commandments, A Journey Through Christian Theology,
A Journey Through Christian Theology Color Cartoons. Cartoon Strips include:
London's Times Cartoons (of course), KNOTS or Not (scouting cartoons) and a new experimental panel cartoon
called A.D. with co-creator Aaron Karp. Freelance work includes:
Leadership Journal and others. Available for speaking engagements, retreats and seminars mostly
on the subject of religious cartooning. Website: WebMaster:

Rich's LT Toons

Tom Kerr
Cartoonist, illustrator and writer, USA

Tom Kerr's first “published” illustration was a drawing of Bugs Bunny in the sand on the Maine coast. It is noteworthy for two reasons: it showed the young boy he really could draw, and also gave him a taste for the editorial process. Alas, the tide came in and washed the drawing away. Since that time, he has seen his work appear in books, magazines and newspapers throughout the world. His first commercial success came in Australia when he successfully created and sold a cooking cartoon “Gastauve” to that country's largest selling women’s magazine. The feature ran for 16 years. During his time in Australia, Kerr worked for “The Sun” newspaper in Melbourne as a cartoonist, illustrator and designer. His time in Terra Australis also brought him his first experience with animation and book illustration. Returning home to the States, the artist freelanced in New York. Since his return, he has illustrated over 25 books, his most recent being “Math Wizardry for Kids”. Best known for his light, humorous illustration and caricature, Kerr’s work has branched into portraiture and fine art.  He is married, and has a daughter.

David Sullivan

Cleveland Ohio area artist, David Sullivan,
has been drawing since crayons on paper while his babysitter grams watched "Gunsmoke" n"Perry Mason", orhis other grams allowed him to watch recoup w/ "I Love Lucy" and; Andy of Mayberry" on hisschool sick days. He volunteered for 3 yrs, &amp; happened upon 2 yrs of service illustrating for Marksmanship Manuals in the U.S.Army at Ft. Benning Ga. He later earned a Fine Arts degree at the University of Dayton under the GI bill with pizza delivery stimulus package.< (golly,he only saw the original SNL while waiting for dorm delivery payments, no tips, though, lol, dang dorm kids.); David can email digital art for printing. Caricatures, cartoons, childrens' books, illustrations, logos or whatever custom art needs. Locally, onsite cartoon portraits for kids events and parties. You can view his visuals at

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